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What is The Arc of DFW Area’s service area?

The Arc of DFW Area serves the following Texas counties:

Can The Arc of DFW Area provide an advocate to help me with my child’s ARD/IEP meeting?

The Arc of DFW Area believes you are your child’s best advocate and our Special Education resource page was developed to empower you with tools and information for this opportunity. We hope you are successful and do not require a third-party to assist you in dispute resolution; however, we understand some situations unfortunately can’t be resolved without additional support. The Arc of DFW Area is an all-volunteer organization which does not provide direct services, but our provided Resources do include links to other agencies which can assist you directly.

Does The Arc of DFW Area accept donations of clothing, furniture, or other household items?

Thank you for considering a donation to The Arc of DFW Area. As an all-volunteer agency we are unable to collect physical donations. The Arc of DFW Area does not operate any donation centers or drop boxes.

Does The Arc of DFW Area host monthly dances or other social events for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities?

The Arc of DFW Area does not host monthly dances; our primary activities focus on family support through education and advocacy. Our affiliate, The Self Determination Group, which is led by and for self advocates ages 14 and up, meets monthly to discuss opportunities for advocacy. The members of The SDG are also friends who often socialize outside of the monthly meetings, like going out to eat, bowling, or going to the movies.

Can The Arc of DFW Area help me find a home for a family member?

Identifying and selecting the best housing resources for a family member or loved one can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. Our Housing resource page is a great place to start in your search.

Can The Arc of DFW Area provide legal assistance?

The Arc of DFW Area is an all-volunteer agency which does not provide direct services.  Disability Rights Texas is the federally designated legal protection and advocacy agency for persons with disabilities in Texas. DRTx advocates for and helps protect the rights of individuals with disabilities to have full and equal participation in society.

I’m looking for summer programs for children with disabilities, can The Arc of DFW Area help?

The Arc of DFW Area does not maintain a list of area summer programs, but the IDD Council of Tarrant County does. You can find a list of current Adaptive Camps for Individuals with IID on their website.

How do I apply for guardianship of my child or family member?

Guardianship is a viable option when it’s needed, but it’s not the only option as it had been in years past. For many years, agencies, lawyers and schools have advised parents of children with disabilities to seek guardianship. Now guardianship is considered a last resort. You can find out more about guardianship and alternatives on our Alternatives to Guardianship resource page.

What Medicaid services are available in Texas for an individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities and how do I apply to receive Medicaid services?

Texas Medicaid Long-term Services and Supports Programs, or LTSS programs, assist individuals of all ages to live in the community instead of an institution. Unfortunately, most LTSS programs have an interest or waiting list because of state funding limitations. The wait time can be as long as 17-18 years for services. You can find more information and links on our Support Programs resource page.

What is Self-Determination?

Self-determination “encompasses concepts such as free will, civil and human rights, freedom of choice, independence, personal agency, self-direction, and individual responsibility” (University of Illinois at Chicago National Research & Training Center, 2002). You can learn more on our Self-Determination resource page.