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The Arc of DFW Area has remained true to our heritage. We were founded by families of individuals with I/DD and it continues to be our passion to support families and individuals with I/DD. When we find valuable resources to help on this journey, we want to share them with the community and pay forward the support we’ve received.

Parenting is a tough job under the best of circumstances. It requires skills, patience and personal growth. Parenting also requires you to be an advocate for your child — their cheerleader on the sidelines, a defender against their opponents, and a voice when they can’t find their own. Parenting a child with a disability and the devotion to helping him or her live a good life can bring a whole new meaning to the term “advocate.” Why? The answer is simple – as a parent you have a profound impact on your child’s success. You know your child best and have their best interest at heart. You are in it for the long haul!